Boards & Commissions

  1. Plan Commission

    The Plan Commission reviews all zoning, subdivision, site plan, and conditional use permit requests.

  2. Police and Fire Commission

    The Village of Howard Police and Fire Commission shall have the powers and duties as prescribed in Wis. Stats. § 62.13, and such other powers and duties as the village board may from time to time designate. General rules for the government of the village police and fire departments shall be promulgated by the village police and fire commission.

  3. Sex Offender Residence Appeals Board

    The Sex Offender Residence Appeals Board (SORAB) is responsible for hearing and acting upon appeals submitted by convicted sex offenders who wish to resident in a restricted area of the Village of Howard, as defined by the village's Child Protection Ordinance 2008-19. SORAB is comprised of five citizen members and one alternate. The board meets only when a residency appeal has been filed with the village clerk.

  4. Small Business Partnership Committee

    The Small Biz Partnership will strive to stimulate a positive business climate and promote open communication by acting as a conduit between the Village Board and staff and the Howard business community.

  5. Tree Board

    The Village of Howard Tree Board advises and consults the village forester on any matter pertaining to the development, alterations and/or revisions to the arboricultural specifications manual, and alterations or revisions of the urban forestry plan; policy concerning selection, planting, maintenance, and removal of trees, shrubs, and other plants within the village; allocation of funds to the tree program, and expenditures of funds by the tree program; establishment of educational and informational programs. The board also hears all issues of the disputes which arise between the village forester and any such person whenever those issues involve matters or the interpretation or enforcement of the arboricultural specifications manual or the urban forestry plan.

  6. Zoning Board of Appeals

    The Zoning Board of Appeals meets on an as-needed basis to review applications for zoning variances. The village board of appeals has the powers and duties prescribed in Wis. Stats. § 62.23(7)(e). The board consists of five citizen members appointed by the village president for staggered three-year terms, subject to confirmation by the village board, and two alternate members appointed by the village president for three-year terms. The alternate members shall act with full power only when a member of the village board of appeals is absent or refuses to vote because of an interest in the matter to be heard.