Course Information

Weather Policy for Golfing
​When the golf course is open during early spring and late fall months, players can play only if there is no frost on the grass. (Walking on grass with frost can kill the grass, so it is prohibited.) The golf course is open when flag sticks are on the greens. If there are no flag sticks on the greens, the course is closed and golfers (members and non-members) are not allowed on the course.

In the fall, the course will typically close for the season sometime near November 1st, depending on the weather, the course may close sooner or could close on specific days due to cold temperatures. Typically, when temperatures are expected to remain below 50 degrees Fahrenheit for the entire day, the pro shop may close for the day. We ask that all golfers refrain from playing golf on such days. Golfers that desire to walk nine holes, can do so prior to pro shop opening when enough light exists and there is no frost on the grass. Golfers who play early, will need to drop by the pro shop to settle for the cost of their round or report a round played for members. Golfers who want a cart rental will need to wait for the pro shop to open. Typically, the pro shop opens at 8am during early spring and late fall weeks.

Course Improvements

Golfers who have not played Village Green for a while will notice a new creek constructed on Hole 9 and larger ponds. The creek extends from the west end of the existing pond that follows the 9 fairway into a portion of Hole 8. Other recent improvements include a water fountain on Hole 5, new paved paths on several holes, and added drainage throughout the course.

A new fairway mower is helping shape the fairways and define the low rough areas. The greens are in excellent playing condition -- probably in the best shape in course history!

Come visit Village Green Golf Course and see why we believe it is the best 9-hole municipal course for golfers of all skill levels in Wisconsin.
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